Where to Eat in Chicago with Limited Time

Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder at the Purple Pig

Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder at the Purple Pig

I lived in Chicago for three years, and while I don’t miss the brutal, unrelenting winters, I certainly do miss the food scene. Chicago houses some of the nation’s best restaurants and markets. Whether you’re seeking a magically creative fine-dining experience or delicious craft beer and food in a fun, urban environment, you can easily find a restaurant (or three) to suit your mood.

I recently had the chance to travel with my sister to Chicago and revisit some of my old haunts, but only for a few hours between flights. It was a mad rush, so we had to come up with a game plan that would allow us to hit as many eateries as possible. This was my version of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, only much, much shorter. read more

Eating at Alinea – A Magical Dining Experience!

Alinea Restaurant Exterior

Alinea’s nondescript exterior–it’s the gray building in the middle.

Alinea has been on my radar for a while now. I first heard about it in 2012 when one of my favorite food bloggers wrote about her experience. In 2013, Bon Appétit named Alinea the fourth best restaurant in America (see The 20 Most Important Restaurants in America). It’s also one of only two restaurants in Chicago with three Michelin stars, and it has been recognized as one of the world’s 50 best restaurants since 2007. read more

Revolution Brewing – Chicago, IL

Revolution Brewing Coaster

Meet Revolution Brewing—a gastropub with savory grub and a broad selection of craft beers brewed here in Chicago. Their slogan, “come for a beer and join the craft revolution,” surfaces in the pub’s design and iconography. Take, for instance, the creative titles of their excellent house brews: anti-hero IPA, coup d’etat, mother of exiles, and local hero, to name a few. Trust me, these beers deserve their powerful names. And after having a few at the pub, you can purchase growlers (large glass containers that contain about six beers) to take home with you! read more

Santouka Ramen Chicago

Santouka Spicy-Miso Ramen

I can’t seem to get enough Japanese food of late—I blame Raku for reminding me just how delicious it can be. Corey and I recently went to Mitsuwa Marketplace, the largest Japanese grocery store in the Midwest. It’s located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

This market is a gem for Japanese food enthusiasts—chefs and diners alike. It boasts a wide selection of sushi-grade seafood, fresh produce, and dried goods and snacks, as well as a liquor store, bookstore, bakery, video store, and various food vendors. read more


Glühwein, German mulled wine, German spiced wine

Glühwein (glow wine) is a German hot spiced wine, typically served during the winter months and is especially popular around Christmas time. Corey and I were first introduced to Glühwein this December when we went to the Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago. The Chriskindlmarket offers a variety of tradional German fare, such as currywurst, sauerbraten, schnitzel, bavarian pretzels, sauerkraut, and variety of German beers.

Glühwein, Christkindlmarket Mug

The signature drink at the Christkindlmarket has to be the Glühwein, which is served in a cute boot-shaped mug. When we first entered the market almost everyone of drinking age, was holding a mug of Glühwein and I knew if I didn’t try anything else I would have to try the German mulled wine. Glühwein will warm the body and the citrus and spices add a pleasant touch to ordinary red wine. It is the perfect drink on a cold, winter night. read more