Summiting Mount Asahidake – What You Need to Know

View of Mount Asahidake from Asahidake Onsen

View of Mount Asahidake from Asahidake Onsen

Summiting Mount Asahidake—the tallest mountain in Hokkaido—requires planning, preparation, and a sense of adventure! While only 7,516 feet, the rough terrain and extreme weather conditions makes the hike challenging. Yet, the beautiful scenery, the experience of climbing the mountain, and the sense of accomplishment you feel when reaching the top, overshadows any discomfort you may feel.

When planning our trip to Daisetsuzan National Park, I couldn’t find many detailed descriptions of the hiking in this area. So I want to share with you what we learned, so you can better prepare for hiking up Mt. Asahidake. read more

Flavorful Journeys Best of 2017 – By Popularity

Before I focus on 2018 and all the new and exciting recipes and travel adventures I want to share with you, I want to showcase the most popular blog posts of 2017 on Flavorful Journeys.

Eating Tonkatsu at Katsukura Shinjuku RestaurantTonkatsu Pork Filet and Prawn at Katsukura Shinjuku

Tonkatsu Pork Filet and Prawn at Katsukura Shinjuku

Tokyo features some of the best food in the world. If you’re looking for a delicious tonkatsu meal, check out Katsukura Shinjuku Restaurant; the fried pork is tender and juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Plus, they serve Japanese whiskey at an unbelievable price!

  • Coffee Jelly: The Perfect After-Dinner DessertCoffee Jelly Mixed with Sweetened Condensed Milk and Whipped Cream

    Coffee Jelly Dessert with Sweetened Condensed Milk and Whipped Cream read more

  • La Vista Daisetsuzan: A Serene Onsen in Japan’s Largest National Park

    View of Mount Asahidake from our Room at La Vista Daisetsuzan

    View of Mount Asahidake from Our Room at La Vista Daisetsuzan

    Imagine waking up and sipping handground coffee while looking out the window of a mountain lodge at a beautiful alpine forest. Imagine sitting in an open-air hot spring listening to the calming sounds of nature. Imagine ending your day with a delicious multicourse meal featuring regional ingredients, artfully presented by attentive servers. You can experience all this and more at La Vista Daisetsuzan.

    La Vista Daisetsuzan is a relaxing onsen hotel in Japan’s largest national park, Daisetsuzan National Park, and is situated at the base of Mount Asahidake—the largest mountain in Hokkaido. La Vista Daisetsuzan provides a luxurious natural respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life, as well as quick access to the Japanese wilderness. read more

    Geeking Out in Akihabara: Arcades, Anime, Cat Cafés and more!

    Anime Figurines in Arcade Display CaseAnime Figurines in Arcade Display Case

    Akihabara is a Tokyo district that celebrates Otaku culture (Japanese geek culture) and is a haven for fans of anime, cosplay, computer and arcade games, electronics, themed cafés, model kits, and more. You’ll experience sensory overload in Akihabara—everywhere you look, something is happening. People walk the streets bedecked in cosplay. Brightly lit arcades with prize machines beckon. Huge signs display larger-than-life anime characters. Visit Akihabara to let loose and experience otaku culture in full force! read more

    Visit Tsukiji Market and Eat Fresh Sushi at Iwasa Sushi

    Omakase Set at Iwasa SushiOmakase Set at Iwasa Sushi

    If you’re a foodie traveling in Tokyo, you must visit Tsukiji Market—the world’s largest seafood market. It’s a mad rush of activity, especially in the early morning when most of the commercial purchasing takes place. Forklifts and small trucks whiz back and forth, workers stack enormous piles of empty Styrofoam containers for recycling, and every type of seafood imaginable is on display. The sheer volume of seafood sold daily is astounding—over 5 million pounds! read more