Baked Prawns in Tomato Sauce with Feta (Garithes Yiouvetsi)

Baked Prawns in Tomato Sauce with Feta (Garithes Yiouvetsi)

Baked Prawns in Tomato Sauce with Feta (Garithes Yiouvetsi)

Cooking opens the world up to you. It’s magical really, its ability to transport you to faraway lands. More than any other medium—books, films, music—eating ignites the senses and connects you with a place. This is part of the reason I like to cook foods from around the world, to indulge my curiosity, to explore, and to imagine.

In Greece, a mountainous Mediterranean nation comprised of 2000 islands, fresh seafood abounds, grape vineyards and olive groves flourish, lemon trees prosper in gardens, and flocks of sheep and herds of goats graze and forage in the valleys. It’s no surprise that these ingredients—and the products derived from them—factor heavily into Greek cuisine. read more

Julia Child’s First Meal in France – Sole Meunière

Julia Child’s Sole Meunière

Julia Child’s Sole Meunière

Sole meunière is the second course, and probably the most memorable course, Julia Child had during her first meal in France. This is a classic French dish, where sole, filets or the whole fish, is lightly floured and then pan fried with butter. The sauce is finished with capers, parsley, and fresh lemon juice. It’s very similar to this pan-fried salmon dish I made a couple weeks ago.

Here’s Julia’s description of the sole meunière served to her at Restaurant La Couronne: read more

Julia Child’s First Meal in France – Course #1

Oysters on the Half Shell Rye Bread Unsalted Butter

Oysters on the Half Shell with Rye Bread and Unsalted Butter

Inspired by reading Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France, I decided to re-create the first meal she experienced with her husband in France. It was a meal that she fondly remembered: “Our first lunch together in France was absolute perfection. It was the most exciting meal of my life.”[i]

She dined at Restaurant La Couronne, France’s oldest restaurant, which dates back to 1345. The meal started with half a dozen oysters on the half shell served with pain de seigle (rye bread) and unsalted butter. This preparation of oysters was new and intriguing to me. Typically, my husband and I eat Apalachicola Bay oysters on the half shell drizzled with lemon juice and served atop a saltine cracker with cocktail sauce and horseradish. read more

Salmon with Lemon-Dill Butter Sauce and Capers

Salmon with Lemon-Dill Butter Sauce and Capers

Salmon with Lemon-Dill Butter Sauce and Capers, Garlic-Roasted Asparagus and Boiled New Potatoes

Sometimes you need a flavorful meal that’s quick and easy. This salmon with lemon-dill butter sauce and capers is just that! Recently, Corey and I moved from Chicago to Atlanta; while exciting, it was also exhausting.

Despite a weekend of driving across the country, unloading and unpacking boxes, and setting up a new apartment, I was determined to break in my new kitchen with a home-cooked meal. To find a quick recipe, I turned to the Splendid Table’s Weeknight Kitchen (an excellent resource for busy cooks). This delicious salmon recipe is one-pot meal that only uses 5 ingredients (not including salt and pepper). read more

Korean-Style Tuna Tartare + Why I Love Food

Korean-Style Tuna Tartare

Korean-Style Tuna Tartare with Avocado and Radish Slices and Ginger Dressing

Before I talk about this fresh and vibrant Korean-style tuna tartare, I’d like to share what fuels my passion for food. The sheer pleasure of it certainly plays a part, but it’s not the heart of the matter.

People, places, cultures, and connections inspire me to seek out world cuisines. Through food, one can gain insight into another culture and share an experience with the people who live there: “Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.” – Mark Kurlansky read more