The Magic of Wynwood: Artists, Brewmasters, and Chefs Embrace Creativity

Me on Graffiti Staircase Surrounded by Art in Wynwood

Me on Graffiti Staircase Surrounded by Art in Wynwood

Wynwood—a neighborhood in Miami known for its street art—stimulates your senses and taps into your creative energy. It’s an exciting place with larger-than-life murals, bold imagery, and eye-catching designs. Everywhere you look, art surrounds you; it covers the walls, sidewalks, stairs, and railings, and it’s constantly changing and metamorphosing into something new.

One of the beautiful things about street art is its ephemeral nature. It’s made for people to appreciate in the moment, knowing that it will not last, much like a chef prepares a meal; it’s designed to evoke feelings that people will remember long after the mural is gone. This constant regeneration of art and ideas invigorates Wynwood, challenging artists to keep producing and engaging with their art. This atmosphere draws innovators and fosters their creativity. It’s why Wynwood has some of the best art, restaurants, and breweries in Miami—this continual push to take risks and produce something unique and different. read more

Dumpling King – North Miami Beach, FL

Green Onion Cake at Dumpling King Miami

Green Onion Cake with a Sweet and Spicy Sauce at Dumpling King

Dumpling King was our last restaurant adventure in Miami before returning to Chicago. It came highly recommended by one of Corey’s colleagues and fellow foodies, so we were eager to squeeze it in before we left. We’re so glad that we did! We’d been craving some authentic Chinese food (which there isn’t much of in Miami), and this sure hit the spot.

From the outside, Dumpling King didn’t look too impressive; it’s located in a strip mall in which building repairs were underway. But we didn’t let that stop us, and neither should you! After all, one of my favorite restaurants, Raku in Las Vegas, is located in a strip mall. I still dream of their homemade tofu and crispy shrimp, and I can’t wait to go back to Las Vegas to eat at Raku (among other things). read more

Miami Beach Botanical Garden: A Tranquil Oasis

Panama Queen Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Panama Queen  or Coral Aphelandra (Aphelandra sinclairiana)

A couple weeks ago, Corey and I fled Chicago to Miami for some much-needed sunshine. Two of the things we miss most about living in Florida are the close proximity of nature and the relative ease of escaping into it.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a tranquil oasis, away from the party culture and entertainment tourism typical of South Beach. It’s a small park, but manages to showcase a wide a variety of plants—both local and exotic—and contains meandering paths, a Japanese garden, small ponds, a softly flowing fountain, and a hidden gazebo. read more